I was invited to take part in a public sculptural exhibition of 30 large-scale whale tails.
Each tail was hand-painted by an artist and the finished sculptures were on display along Sydney’s Western Harbour from Barangaroo to King Street, Cockle Bay, Darling Quarter, ICC Sydney, Maritime Museum to The Star and via Pyrmont to the Sydney Fish Market as part of an expansive open-air art trail.
While I was trying to decide what I would paint for my piece I realised the answer was right in front of me. The ocean, much like art, can seem chaotic, aggressive and even confusing at times but it also displays as sense of calmness, tranquility and balance. It has provided us with different stories, beliefs and mythologies that have helped communicate messages that have connected us throughout time. The ocean, much like art, is a powerful and majestic tool that constantly provides a source of information as well as creativity. It can unite and divide us. But ultimately we can all share the magic that it provides within its incredible existence.
Funded by The NSW Government.
Curated by Art Pharmacy.
Project Partners: Wild In Art, Stage Kings & Milestone Creative.
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