I painted this piece for the 2018 Objectified Art Show aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney.

A symbol of radical feminism, Frida Kahlo became an inspiring icon as she depicted the harsh realities of her experience as a woman through her paintings.

She broke down the boundaries of private life and showcased the very intimate, personal and honest realities of womanhood. 
Throughout history women have been used as symbols of liberty, freedom, reason and justice. We look at woman as pillars of strength, providers of life, mothers, maidens, maternal figureheads and nurturers, yet there is still a very real injustice of inequality in our modern world. 

This piece celebrates the empowerment of women, while also questioning the social injustice of gender inequality and discrimination that still exists today. 

It is this inequality that has seen the wrong acceptance of men’s power over women and in turn has created a society where discrimination against women, including violence, has become commonplace. 

If woman can be celebrated and used as symbols of positivity, leadership, and strength why is it that such a very real inequality still exists?
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