Bad Acid is a body of hand-painted works created for a group show that was held at Alpha Gallery, Newtown on May 5 2017.

The concept behind the works derived from a personal frustration of the vain and cynical surroundings we are now accustomed to in a world where we are all so afraid of being left behind.

We live in a society where it is now so vital to our own glorification and praise that we seek something greater that can satisfy these selfish cravings of acceptance and recognition. What was once cherished and important has now been replaced with materialistic needs to cover our own insecurities.

Success is now determined by followers, hash tags, likes and comments and perceived truths have become our reality.

Of course it would be a much darker world if we could not see the lighter and more comical side to these frustrations and these works explore the balance that can be found within these opposing elements.
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