In conjunction with Haut Artists I had the pleasure of working on a new range of t-shirts for Young Henrys Brewery in Newtown, Australia.

With the idea of creating a range of apparel for the brewery, we came up with the concept of The Newtown Knuckleheads.

Newtown Knuckleheads are a labelled representation of the spirit of Newtown’s street level grinders, artists, skaters, movers-shakers, want-to-be-money-makers and creative misfits. They weren’t so much born but spawned in a gutter -- the bastard offspring of the city they love.

A Knucklehead is a well intentioned battler. They are the small business owners and lovers of the community. The cheeky side of Sydney's underbelly. The loveable larrikin. The friendly bartender, bootlegger or brewer …
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