Perfect Match is a program a public art program hosted by the Inner West Council, Sydney, Australia. The main initiative of this program is to prevent unwanted graffiti through fostering legitimate creative expression and art in public spaces.
I was commissioned to paint this large public wall in Newtown, Sydney as part of the Perfect Match 2016 program.
The idea was to create something that not only reflected my style of work but also a  piece that embodied the diverse culture of Newtown and the surrounding areas of the inner west in Sydney.
My work explores the contrast between opposing elements. Man and nature, fiction and non-fiction, black and white as well as the past and present. In a dark and chaotic world like the one we live in it is important to recognise the beauty and harmonious balance that can be found between all things that a different. 
This piece is not only an exploration of the balance of contrasts but also a celebration of the positive forces that can be found within these opposing elements.

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